“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

~Walt Disney


  • Community
  • Schools
  • Corporate
  • First Responders

Andrew G (Iowa - USA)

“This is very creative and a good way to engage people in a positive, non-threatening manner. If I see any evidence of cult-like behavior I will drop out lol. So far I see nothing of the sort, just people trying to engage in social issues in a new, different, and creative manner. Keep it up, fellow ICU agents!”

Henry L (Iowa - USA)

“The concept of ICU captures and epitomizes the ideals of all being created in the image of God. It is a practical idea whose time has come and you wonder why it eluded us for so long. If we embrace ICU and reach out to others, we can indeed transform our world.”

Christopher S (Middle School VP - USA)

“The students were instantly drawn to ICU Agents and message that was being shared. Several students instantly bought into the idea of giving and expecting respect. At this point, approximately 341 students have joined ICU and are working to be a positive influence on their classmates...parents have even chosen to join ICU as a way to better connect with their child.”

Merima C (Iowa - USA)

“I love this! I think it's wonderful what ICU is doing - I think it's amazing that people find courage to take a leap of faith...and honestly, I don't know what took so long.”

Amanda W (Diversity & Inclusion Manager - USA)

“ICU made themselves available to our senior leadership and shared how ICU can impact cultural competency within our organization. The leadership team appreciated that this curriculum can be presented in the workplace and used in all facets of life. ”

PD Chief Cychosz (Ames, Iowa - USA)

“We deal with a lot of people in crisis and try to respect their circumstances, while simultaneously working towards solving the problems, and I think that foundation of respect, if it’s there, moves us forward much more quickly than if it’s not. ”