“Quiet people have the loudest mind.”

~Stephen Hawking


*From the Founder & President*

This Perspective Activity originates from an unlikely source. During the early development stage of THE Inclusive Cultural University, a young lady in high school was invited by an ICU Agent to hear about The University’s vision in a group discussion I was leading. She was so quiet and reserved, it appeared she wasn’t feeling the ICU message and unlikely that I would ever see her again. Needless to say, she came back for another ICU Workshop, and barraged me with all her thoughts and ideas… I called her “Quiet Storm” as her fun ICU agent code name!

I still vividly remember how overjoyed I was to see Quiet Storm understand ICU, how empowered she was to act on The University’s mission by sharing her opinions and joining the Campaign of Consciousness. Quiet Storm acknowledged her initial apprehension to voice her perspective, but I’m glad she saw a safe zone to express what was on her mind. Please view the binoculars below, and read the thoughts of the ICU Agents that participated in the Perspective Activity that Agent Quiet Storm created. This was a friendly reminder of what I like to say – “We are Forever students and can learn from one another”.

~Jonnell E. Marion aka “Agent J3M”

*From ICU Agent Quiet Storm*

Directions: Each person needs a picture of binoculars as well as two white circles if you dislike the line in the middle of the lenses.

  • Write your name (your choice)
  • In each lens, draw and/or write a personal experience that you were involved in or witnessed that lured you to be a part of ICU
  • When drawings are complete we will share

Purpose: This seems like a trivial task (one that most elementary schools do on the first day of school) but it’s a step I the right direction. By that, I mean we are learning about our peers before reaching out to support others. If we have an awareness of the situations that other people have encountered, it will allow us the opportunity to be conscious another’s perspective.

ICU. I respect you. I acknowledge you.