“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

~Mahatma Gandhi


ICU introduces the idea of taking accountability in embodying respect, and derives from a visual buy-in concept – the ICU wristband is just one example. It’s easier to identify others that have committed to the ICU “lifestyle”.

The ICU band – First of ICU lifestyle gear to be identified with The University, and most important. Because it can be worn every day, it serves as a daily friendly reminder of your mission as an ICU agent. Comes in sizes small or large…AND it glows in the dark!

*Available with a monetary Pledge of Support of your choosing (plus shipping) – Agent Badge included

Part of the lifestyle is acknowledging when you see another fellow ICU agent of change. A simple “ICU” expressed in their direction with a friendly nod/smile/wave is encouraging, and what will keep the spirit of The University strong. Many people are already contributing positively to society; however, when we enter our daily routines in our personal lives, we are unaware of who has done what as we for example, “ride in an elevator full of strangers.”

The ICU lapel pin – Great for the workplace or formal events, it expresses a non-verbal message of Unity and a desire to Understand other’s Uniqueness. A very powerful yet professional statement.

*Available with a monetary Pledge of Support of your choosing (plus shipping)

The Inclusive Cultural University brand is a peek into the heart of the ICU agent. I am consciously apart of building a foundation of respect for ALL and

expanding the safe zone.

The ICU shirt – It’s not necessary easy to wear your heart on your sleeve, but here is the next best thing! Clearly identified as an ICU agent, be prepared to potentially receive endless positive vibes and smiles. Remember to reciprocate them – YOU make The University, right? We’ve seen our share of clever shirts, but The ICU shirt marks you as a “safe zone”.

*Coming soon.

Life presents its trials and tribulations, especially when people around you seem to be losing their mind. Be the voice of reason for communication, cooperation, and consideration to occur to calm the situation.

The ICU hat – Cooler heads prevail! See through the non-sense of the situation with your 3rd eye and grasp that higher level of consciousness. Look past the surface problem(s) and appreciate the small things in life. Be JOY!

*Coming soon

**Please keep in mind that ICU is Exclusive to those that are Inclusive – this is for the serious of heart. ALL ICU agents should recognize ALL and respect ALL. It does NOT mean to live with blind trust. Please follow @ICUworldwide on social media for #ICUinsights on living the ICU lifestyle.

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Join ICU – WE are Better with YOU!