“America’s future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach and how we live.”

~Jane Addams

ICU Campuses

The above quote applies not only to the U.S. – but the entire world. ICU celebrates human life! It was created to uplift individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, communities, corporations, organizations and cities…worldwide!

Schools, corporations, and organizations create cultures within that vastly impact peoples’ lives. That culture either uplifts the institution or depresses. ICU introduces the idea of taking accountability in embodying respect, but in a non-aggressive manner. Through visual buy-in and short mini workshops, a campus like “safe zone” is created that generates conscious thinking into consistent positive actions. This allows for a climate of focus, while simultaneously building healthy relationships.

In a world that thrives on ME ME ME…ICU puts the focus on YOU. I see you. I respect you. I acknowledge You. What are YOU about? Not how you make money, or what your job title is, but what you are REALLY about. What’s your story? Whether you have a hobby and interest, coach, mentor, volunteer, or support a cause – what is it that you’re doing positive that I might not have heard about…and how can I help?

YOUR organization can help by becoming an Inclusive Cultural University campus.

And the cause you’d be supporting is the respect and value of human life. We try to make things black and white; however, there’s a grey area in life…just like the ICU eye reflects.

There are many controversial things happening in the world, and we are constantly operating in the grey. BUT when we can find a common ground with a foundation of “respect”, then we can break barriers that keep us divided and stagnate growth. No other organization or movement has been created to connect and uplift our society with this unconventional platform.

Confident that ICU can enhance your cultural agility, a meeting is welcomed to discuss social responsibility within your organization, and how The Inclusive Cultural University can help. The ICU email is provided in the Contact Now section below.

The Inclusive Cultural University IS Happening…and is growing.