“America’s future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach and how we live.”

~Jane Addams

ICU Campuses

The about quote applies not only to the U.S. – but the entire world. ICU celebrates human life! It was created to uplift individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, communities, corporations, organizations and cities.. worldwide!

ICU Campuses are schools, corporations, and organizations that embrace this message of fully valuing and respecting ALL for who they are. Because these institutions create cultures within that uplifts or depresses, ICU introduces the idea of taking social responsibility in embodying ​respect via ICU workshops.

Your organization can join this Campaign of Consciousness.


Through ICU Workshops, a campus like “safe zone” is created that generates conscious thinking into consistent positive actions. We provide a measurement of inclusion in your organization. Customized for each organization, ICU workshops offer stimulating activities, group discussion, and exercises that are relevant to the audience and current events.

The Inclusive Cultural University operates in every space occupied by people, but our areas of focus include:

  • Community – Increase the organic interactions in our society
  • Schools – Reduce bullying and drugs in schools
  • Law Enforcement – Improve relationship between law enforcement and community
  • Corporate – Increase retention of associates

Confident that ICU can enhance your cultural agility, a meeting is welcomed to discuss social responsibility within your organization, and how The Inclusive Cultural University can help. The ICU email is provided in the Contact Now section below.

The Inclusive Cultural University IS Happening…and is growing.