Greenstate Credit Union to host cookout

Corporate, IA City Law enforcement, U of Iowa athletes. The blueprint of the future...


University of Iowa Track team

ICU was invited to the track team meeting #Invite #Communicate #Unite


Speak Your Truth

U of I student athlete led organization to hear ICU vision.


THE University at University of Iowa again

ICU Orientation presented to the Women’s Basketball team.


2021 National Night Out

The “Campaign of Consciousness” returning to Urbandale and in Ames this year for continued support for positive policing.


ICU presented to the U of I Wrestling Team

Vision was shared and understood. ICU Orientation was a success.


Introduce ICU to U of I

Introduction workshop to Student/Athletes of the University of Iowa.


Partnership Announcement

GreenState Credit Union has committed to support the ICU vision. More to come about this corporate partnership.


Ames, IA Police Department (2 of 2)

Last round of ICU Workshops w/ APD - more to come in Ames. Keep watching...


Ames, IA Police Department (1 of 2)

The City of Ames see the “Campaign of Consciousness” and we’re starting with APD.


1st ICU Roundtable

Conversation on SOLUTIONS with 5 Iowa Law Enforcement Leaders (4 Chiefs/1 Sheriff). Footage out Summer 2021


Des Moines, IA Police Training Academy

2nd DSM Police Training Academy class to receive an ICU Workshop (4 of4).


Marshalltown Police Department 3-day Workshop

ICU Project in Marshalltown on March 2nd w/ a 3-day workshop. Working 1st w/ the people bringing solutions...MPD.


Des Moines, IA Police Training Academy

2nd DSM Police Training Academy class to receive an ICU Workshop (3 of4).


Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

ICU Workshop for Iowa Police Officers.


Des Moines, IA Police Training Academy

2nd DSM Police Training Academy class to receive an ICU Workshop (2 of4).


Des Moines, IA Police Training Academy

2nd DSM Police Training Academy class to receive an ICU Workshop (1 of4).


Community Event by Waterloo PD (3 of 3)

Last event invite to Byrnes Park – ICU there


Community Event by Waterloo PD (2 of 3)

WPD invite to Lafayette Park – ICU there too


Community Event by Waterloo PD (1 of 3)

WPD invite all to Liberty Park – 4:30p to 6:30p...ICU there


Waterloo PD to lead change in Community Relations Conversation

WPD concluded their 3-day ICU Workshop June 22nd, with Enrollment of officers into THE University coming soon.


Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office ICU Project

3-day ICU Orientation/Workshop for BHCSO. Looks like another law enforcement agency is declaring their desire to change the narrative on how we see each other.


More ICU at CFU

Cedar Falls Utilities received their Orientation for their close to 200 employees. Climate Check is next.


Johnston, IA PD & ICU Partnership

Johnston Police Dpt welcomed ICU to start a discussion on the #CampaignOfConsciousness. More with JPD to come...


Cedar Falls Utilities 2019 – 2020

We're establishing corporate #SafeZones as well, as CFU is lined up to be the very 1st corporate ICU Project. I See You CFU...


Today makes you “C” it yet??

Today marks the 3-year anniversary of THE Inclusive Cultural University’s inception. Thank you ALL that have played a part in impacting ICU (+, -, or indifferent)’s all part of the process. 😏


Onward and “Upward Bound”

2-day ICU project ➡️ “Complete” w/ the Upward Bound program of Des Moines, IA - Thanks for the opportunity to grow THE University w/ young bright future leaders, & now #NewICUagents


ICU and the Johnston Community School District

ICU Project starting with the Johnston Middle School for the 2019-2020 academic year


Unity Day

More #NewICUagents join THE University at Camp Dodge Unity Day event on inclusion...ICU IA National Guards!


WDM PD Racial Profiling??

...NO. Starting w/ a foundation of respect, the 2 sides slowed down, operated in the “grey” and engaged in a Clarifying Conversation of perspectives #ICUmoment


ICU at the Iowa Character Awards

THE University of life honored as a worthy model of outstanding character


2019 National Night Out

Urbandale, IA PD Community/Police Awareness event. Changing the narrative on how we see one another – ICU there!


Urbandale, IA PD Overview of ICU...Complete

ICU Orientation given during the Urbandale PD in-service training. More #NewICUagents = Winning


WDM, IA PD Sees THE University

Presenting to 4 separate groups, officers/detectives of the West Des Moines Police Dpt (including civilian employees) see the #CampaignOfConsciousness


Joint Forces Headquarters

ICU Orientation and Workshop - “I See You, but do I See ME?” - for the IA National Guard


DSM, IA PD Introduction to ICU

ALL Des Moines police officers got an ICU Orientation during Roll Calls before going on their shifts. Orientations for other units coming soon


ICU in the Iowa State Daily

Iowa State University - Alma Mater of ICU Founder & President, Jonnell Marion - published an article on THE Inclusive Cultural University


Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center

The Adel, IA CI&AC organization employees got their ICU workshop and have #NewICUagents


Des Moines, IA Police Training Academy

1st DSM Police Training Academy to experience an ICU Orientation and join the Campaign of Consciousness


Altoona, IA PD jump to 1st place

On December 11th and 12th, Chief Stallman and his PD became the first to receive ICU workshops during their in-service and join THE University


2018 ICU Meet & Greet

Come sample some wine (if you're of age:) at one of the ICU Campuses - Wines of Iowa - and hear about ICU along with the plans for the next year.



Iowa State University's Black Student Alliance invite to share the events that shaped the journey to the creation of ICU on a leadership panel discussion.


Iowa National Guard

2018 IA Nat Guard Diversity Day - ICU was invited to set up an informational table to talk on THE Solution to our society. More info to come...


Simpson College Football Team

ICU Orientation/Workshop for the entire SC Football Team


National Night Out

ICU at the Urbandale Police Department for the Community/Police Awareness event. Hear about the ICU/PD collaboration!


Iowa Police Dpt/ICU Alliance

Des Moines, IA PD - West Des Moines, IA PD - Urbandale, IA PD...all are in partnership w/ THE University & will have ICU workshops in 2018/2019


New ICU Campus

"Greater Iowa Credit Union" (22nd St. Branch Location ~ West Des Moines, IA) - See the Safe Zone!


ICU on the radio

Tune in to the award-winning radio show "Insight on Business the News Hour" w/ Michael Libbie at 5:40 pm to hear ICU news - 940AM


ICU on Eastern Illinois University Campus

ICU Orientation/Workshop to EIU's University Board committee characterizing the "Take A Knee" Movement and THE Solution moving forward.

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