“We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

~Maya Angelou

About ICU

The Inclusive Cultural University welcomes you…

and represents the school of life. THE University. However, it isn’t an actual brick and mortar university. Now when you think of a university, hopefully a higher level of education being obtained comes to mind. ICU is a lifestyle – an understanding that we are forever students and can learn from one another.

Let’s make this simple – by joining ICU, it symbolizes you fully value and respect EVERYONE for who they are. Can we respect one another’s journey? Then ultimately, we’re going to have to agree to disagree, with (here comes that word again) RESPECT. Give respect and expect respect.

Want to see something that’s not talked about everyday? There is just one biological race…the Human race. A proven scientific FACT. Now most of us have been taught in school or company trainings about the things that make humans different, And that we should respect those differences. Yet we still have individuals that feel they are justified in making certain groups of people inferior. If you are one of those individuals, please understand that The Inclusive Cultural University is for ALL, but you are not ready yet.

ICU is Exclusive to those that are Inclusive.

ICU celebrates human life! It was created to uplift individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools, communities, corporations, organizations and cities…worldwide! Notice the individual is listed first…YOU. It starts with you! Can you commit your character to be better? To be an agent of change in your family and circle of peers? To be an ICU “Change” Agent? Can You fill in the _____________?

Agent Badge (Front)

It’s a Campaign of Consciousness.

Agent Badge (Back)

It’s time to change the narrative. Instead of us talking about change…BE the change. Take action – and your mission as an ICU Agent, should you choose to accept it is to:
I.nvite – C.ommunicate – U.nite. We can take responsibility of the way we influence the people around us that we encounter, and grow this behavior of consciousness.

In construction, the color orange is referred to as “safety orange”, and is used to ensure the safety of others on construction sites. Be the safe zone for people to see in our society and let’s build The Inclusive Cultural University. Please take a look at the other pages to see more…

ICU – But do you see me?